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Los Angeles

About Los Angeles

Home of more than 4 million people, when you think of Los Angeles you think of the beautiful beaches and fun-packed resorts.  Its also likely that the sunny days, Hollywood glamour, and boundless opportunities come to mind.

  There is absolutely no limit to the things that can be done on your visit for LA; from the thousands of restaurants, attractions, and sights.  With so many things to do and so many things to see the down fall to your visit might be how you choose to get around to doing those things.  With a public transit system that leaves much to be desired, consider renting a mini-bus or a charter bus from Discount Charter Bus Rentals.  With a minimum of 5 hours only costing on average $650, this will make getting around an affordable options for you and your group.  With any additional hour costing roughly $125 to $175 depending on the time of year you choose to travel.

  With so many options to choose from, we created a list of our most favorite places to visit, having no doubt that you will love them just as much.  If seeing the Hollywood sign is high up on your list, while traveling around the big city you are likely to see it several times during your stay.

  Santa Monica Pier
One of the most iconic beaches which lies West of Los Angeles, and the center to some of the best nightlife around and dining.  On foot or by bicycle its a great place to explore stopping by for rides along the way or for a live show that going on that night.

  Getty Center
Being home to a wealth of fine art, renaissance paintings, Byzantine manuscripts, American photography, and more.  The Getty Center is not just a regular arts museum, rather it can be viewed as a sprawling, magnificent structure you can get lost in for the day while taking in all the culture.

Griffith Park
One of the world’s largest urban park, Griffith park is a great place to see the entire Los Angeles at once. Getting there by a school bus rental might be an ideal no-frills option for your group.  While there its a great idea to check out the observatory’s planetarium and world-class exhibitions.

Universal Studios Hollywood
With a large selection of rides, if thrill rides is what you are looking for.  Universal Studio is definitely the place to visit.  Using a charter bus has been a staple for getting around the sprawling Universal Studios Hollywood, Discount Charter Bus Rental has several options that will satisfy your transportation needs.  With options such as Jurassic Park River Adventure to Transformers 3-D and everything in between there is sure to be a ride everyone would enjoy.  Lastly the ultimate way to get a real sense of Hollywood, take a spin the studio tour and see all the iconic Universal back lot and movie sets.  To cap the night off, you can dine at one of the many fine restaurants in Universal.

  How about a walking tour? After hours of riding on a bus maybe the thing you need is a walking tour to stretch your legs.  Taking a fuel-efficient walking tour of Los Angeles’ urban architectural heritage is just the thing for you.  The Los Angeles Conservancy walking tours take in the city’s top sights and most beautiful building, from Downtown’s historic theaters and Art Deco buildings (on a weekly basis) to the modern skyline tour (bi-monthly).  You want to reserve a place well ahead, these tours are incredibly popular.

  Discount Charter Bus Rentals in Los Angeles
  There are several advantages to renting a charter bus from Discount Charter Bus Rental in Los Angeles the most important one being the legendary traffic.  Even for those drivers that drive in it everyday and seasoned drivers, getting around Los Angeles can be a nightmare.  The dreadful thought of using public transportation would be another reason why we would be a great idea when traveling to or around Los Angeles.   There are neighborhoods, mostly those centered on sightseeing, have streetcars that make it more convenient.  Although you can’t stand on the street to hail a taxi you are permitted to call and have one pick you up.   One of the best charter companies in Los Angeles Discount Charter Bus Rentals offer mini buses, to party buses, to large charter buses in and around the surrounding Los Angeles area.   If you need additional information on how to rent a bus from Discount Charter Bus in Los Angeles, call or contact us today for a free quote.